X-Sign Express Data-Driven Content Without Code

撰文者:BenQ Lifestyle Design Center

X-Sign Express is a managing system for data-driven content, which allows anyone — even the programming-unsavvy — to easily create auto-updating content.


Content Can’t Keep Up With Changes

Information changes constantly. Designers struggle to connect content directly to data, and manually updating content is too time consuming.


Real-time Content Updates Driven By Data

Transform complicated database and programming code into an easy-to-understand interface. Let designers dive right in and create dynamic content without worrying about technical details.

 Create Dynamic Content With Data Visualization

X-Sign Express visually transforms databases into easy-to-use data structures, allowing designers to simply view and select dynamic content as needed. All content is updated in real time as data changes, eliminating the need for manual updates.

 Condition Setup Without Coding

X-Sign Express automatically suggests condition settings based on data attributes and gives a visual preview. Users without any programming experience can quickly start creating dynamic digital content that updates in real-time, all with a single file.

 One System For All Your Business Needs

Designed with different business scenarios and use cases in mind, X-Sign Express enables data-driven content creation for any industry. Its user-friendly system architecture and ability to load any database makes it the perfect solution for all fields of work.

more information of X-Sign: https://x-sign.benq.com/