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How do we communicate efficiently and inspire more creativity in creative meetings?

Breakthrough innovation often comes from team members who inspire one another. An investigation by the Harvard Business Review indicates that “84% of knowledge experts in corporations believe that innovation is a required skill. Yet, data shows that only 6% of all subjects are satisfied with their company’s performance in executing innovation.”
The road to creative ideas is often riddled with various problems:

1. Creative Development Phase
Ideas are not fully shared: Each individual has the habit of forming ideas on their own devices. Devices often have different connection settings and toggling between devices to present ideas is often time and effort consuming.
2. Discussion Phase
Here’s often a difference in understanding when creative perspectives are conveyed orally. As the concept development phase cannot be recorded.
3.Convergence Phase
Hosts must summarize content by memory and may overlook or miss key points, leading to teams being unable to act on new designs generated through context.

Solutions 1 – Instant sharing is for the purpose of inspiring more ideas
BenQ InstaShare makes sharing intuitive by being an extension of your personal device habits. Ideas can be shared in a meeting from each member’s personal device at the press of a button, without the need for complicated connection settings. Inspiration can be shared instantly with other members of the meeting, and device connections are prevented from interrupting the continuity of creative thinking.

Solutions 2 – Interaction is for the purpose of reaching a quick consensus
BenQ InstaShare gives tangible form to creativity by communicating ideas more clearly through the use of images, video, and data, as well as the layering of multiple perspectives. Additionally, all phases of discussion can be recorded to add traceability to creative development.

Solutions 3 — Integration is for the purpose of taking action
BenQ InstaShare makes it easier to grasp the flow of events. The host can selectively project content from devices onto large displays to clearly present integrated information and formed consensuses to plan subsequent actions.