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Cross-Space Communication Issues in Experiential Learning

The current model of education has shifted from centralized classroom courses to an Experiential Learning model that focuses on implementation, applications, and integration of multiple disciplines. The practical work and exchanges in the learning process span across different spaces as members move to different professional classrooms and they can also be implemented simultaneously online. The core value of digital tools in Experiential Learning is how to help learners and lecturers share the same space and move across different spaces to achieve remote learning and other learning models without damaging the quality of communication.
Communication issues derived from spatial restrictions in Experiential Learning:

1.Multiple individuals in the same space: Individual devices a single device have limited screen space that does not allow multiple individuals to collaborate in writing.

2.Moving across different spaces: Content records cannot be extended into other spaces and leads to interruption of discussions.

3.Simultaneous online courses: Interactions are restricted to screen displays and highlighting and lack more diverse interactions.

BenQ EZWrite cloud-based interactive whiteboard software resolves the communication issues caused by restrictions in physical space in Experiential Learning and create an Experiential Learning environment without boundaries.

1.Expand the canvas: Cloud-based collaboration expands the space necessary for the canvas and allows participants to initiate creative discussions on any device.

2.Extend ideas: Extend ideas to different learning spaces to continue editing and facilitate uninterrupted discussions.

3.Explore more: Establish diverse interactive exploration and learning without time or space constraints.

Solutions 1 — Expand the Canvas for More Learning Space
The BenQ EZWrite cloud-based interactive whiteboard software supports collaboration across different devices. The personal devices used by members or shared devices in the education space can be easily connected into the cloud-based collaboration canvas that allows unlimited expansion. The exchange of ideas is no longer confined to the limited screen space on a single device.

Solutions 2 — Extend Ideas to All Spaces
BenQ EZWrite uses the interactive whiteboard (.IWB) format that can be downloaded from the cloud and brought to individual spaces. Opening the file allows the user to access previous edits so that ideas and creativity are no longer interrupted when they are shifted to a different learning space.

Solutions 3 — Explore More without Time or Space Constraints
BenQ EZWrite has built-in remote communication functions with online video communication and co-creation whiteboard. It also includes tools such as a stopwatch, scoring board, draw lots, and a function for dividing the canvas into 3 parts for creative contests. Only one set of software is needed to achieve multiple possibilities for remote Experiential Learning. Education is no longer confined to screen displays and highlighting.

Unlock the power of experiential learning via BenQ EZWrite

BenQ EZWrite creates cloud-based learning tools within easy reach to resolve the communication issues caused by restrictions in physical space and create more possibilities for Experiential Learning.