BenQ Uni UI : Designing Seamless and Inspiring Meeting Experience

撰文者:BenQ Lifestyle Design Center

1. The problems of meeting experience

During routine work, we are required to devote attention to different kinds of meetings. We often come in contact with various meeting equipment, including projectors, monitors, and touch screens. We need to learn new ways to operate different equipment and may have difficulty familiarizing ourselves with various equipment, which tends to affect the smoothness of the meeting. Meanwhile, such independence of equipment often leads to one-way reporting or listening. That is unable to embody mutual communications in meetings. According to our research, we’ve found 3 crucial problems that affect the meeting experience:

  • Learning burden of cross-device : As each piece of equipment has its own independent user interface and required actions, the learning burden is increased due to inconsistent user experience.
  • Operation gap between equipment : Each piece of equipment is controlled separately makes it impossible to bridge the gap between them.
  • Limited canvas for co-creation : Every single unit allows only a limited number of users, which prohibits creative brainstorming.
  • 2. Design Features

    Uni UI Design System aims to integrate various meeting equipment, develop a consistent cross-unit user experience, and connect equipment with participants to generate more co-creative actions. Uni UI will create a smooth and inspiring meeting experience through the following three design features:

  • Make it easy and universal : Integrate visual and operational behavior to establish a simple and consistent language for communication between various equipment.
  • Cross-unit control : Break barriers between various equipment and create a free cross-unit control experience.
  • Unite to get more inspiration : Extend equipment to form a co-creative mode that stimulates limitless creative possibilities.
  • 3. Make it easy and universal

      Integrate visual and operational behavior to establish a simple and consistent language between various equipment.

    Uni design system is able to maintain a consistent user experience and style for various meeting equipment, develop a visually distinctive language and define the visual guideline for interface elements.

    1. Uni color system shows high visibility and unlimited imagination. It is composed of foundational colors, interactive colors, and main feature colors.

    Foundational colors are dark and low-contrast neutral colors that cover the large area of the interface. They reduce power consumption of displays, relieve eye fatigue during use, provide good readability, and shift the visual focus to the interactive elements.

    Main function colors allow the interactive elements to become the visual focus for an intuitive user experience. Based on the concept of the universe and planets, we have selected a series of highly identifiable and saturated colors.

    Interactive color “Cosmic Bright Blue” is highly memorable and identifiable to connects operational behavior from various distance, so that users can quickly focus on the interactive elements at a glance.

    2. Uni icon system is designed with icon images conveying meanings that are universally understandable. Users are able to quickly understand and associate icons with meanings, facilitating smooth task operation. The icons are designed with logical coherence so that they look more professional and visually balanced.

    3. Uni font is a sans-serif typeface designed with a smooth and modern shape as well as good readability for various interfaces.

    Users often need to operate equipment at different positions in a meeting room due to the needs of behaviors. Therefore, Uni UI integrates operational behaviors at different distances. Users are able to stand in front of the equipment and practice multi-touch at a close distance, or use the personal device that is connected with the meeting equipment with a mouse at mid distance. Users are even able to operate the meeting equipment with a remote control at a far distance without moving in front of the equipment. With the three operational modes combined, users are able to intuitively, simply, and seamlessly switch their method of operation at various distances.

    4. Cross-unit control

      Lift the barrier between various equipment and create a free cross-unit control experience

    Most meeting equipment units nowadays are controlled independently. For example, a remote control corresponding to each unit is required for long-distance operation, which leads to ineffective connection and communication between equipment. To enhance operation efficiency, Uni UI creates a cross-unit control experience, allowing the mouse, the remote control cursor, or the pointer to traverse freely between two units. With only one controller, multiple equipment units can be operated, which indirectly breaks down the tangible barrier between each unit.

    5. Unite to get more inspiration

      Extend equipment to form a co-creative mode that stimulates limitless creative possibilities.

    Uni UI not only enables meeting equipment to display briefing content, but also plays a key role in uniting participants for more co-creation. Through the meeting equipment connecting function, the operation panel is extended to become a bigger canvas on which more users can work on co-creation; the wireless projecting function allows multiple users to share their ideas on the co-creation unit in real time, which stimulates more creativity. The integration between equipment units enables co-creation with the real-time, wireless data transmission between units and users. This means that creativity is not limited by the size of the operation panel.

    6. Benefit of BenQ Uni UI

      Create a highly-integrated meeting room user experience.

    With BenQ Uni UI, the problem with multiple user interfaces of various equipment is solved. Multiple meeting equipment units are integrated for a consistent user experience, and can be operated with just one controller, which breaks down the barrier between independently controlled units. BenQ Uni UI highly integrates meeting equipment, providing the smoothest possible meeting equipment user experience.

      Create multiple collaboration modes through integration of equipment units and broadening possibilities for co-creation.

    BenQ Uni UI integrates and extends meeting equipment units, providing a multi-intelligent collaboration function that allows more participants to simultaneously work together through equipment instead of being confined to one single unit. BenQ Uni UI optimizes the value of meeting behavior and creates more possibilities for the meeting room.