GV1 行動投影機



GV1是專為年輕追劇族所設計的微型投影機,全新設計讓它可以方便調整輕鬆放。立式的機身突破了傳統扁平的外型,縮小了架設面積,內建電池免去牽線的困擾,即使在小空間也能輕鬆擺放。獨特的轉軸設計,配合內建自動梯形校正,讓使用者可以快速方便的將畫面投影到喜好高度,免除拿書墊底的窘境。中性色調及360度無接縫的金屬網目,讓它更融入家中擺飾,鏡頭及紅外接收器整合於單一光學玻璃中,簡化外型同時提供更好的保護性,蛋黃色的飾帶為其帶來活潑的個性並強調其功能特性。GV1提供方便的無線連接及USB type-c接口,讓使用者可以快速的將手上5.8吋的畫面瞬間放大到100吋,搭配內建強大的音箱,讓追劇體驗變得身歷其境。未投影時,也能作為無線藍芽音箱使用。

GV1 is a projector designed for the binge-watching enthusiast. Its vertical design is a breakthrough in the form which not only reduces the footprint needed for setup but also allows users to adjust the image easily. GV1’s unique hinge design plus auto keystone make it quick and easy to adjust the image.   With the built-in battery and powerful built-in chamber speakersusers can turn any room into a private cinema.  The lens and the IR receiver are grouped by a single optical glass which makes the form more compact and provides better protection. The wireless projection and USB type-c connection allow users to mirror the phone’s screen to a detailed 100” projection just in an instant. The yolk yellow belt brings a light-hearted characteristic to the design, at the same time highlighted its function. With its neutral color tone and seamless speaker mesh, GV1 can blend into any interior décor.