treVolo 2 靜電藍芽喇叭



treVolo 2是一款便攜式靜電薄膜藍芽喇叭,輕巧體積仍可展現輕透細膩的音質。其低音單體能在同樣瓦數下提升5dB音壓,搭配雙低音被動輻射器讓低頻厚實飽滿且收放自如,與靜電薄膜擅長的輕透中高音達到完美平衡。出音效率提升34.5%的孔洞設計與接觸面積減少98.3%的減震設計,可強化聲波擴散效果,內建演算技術則可補償數位音樂經壓縮而易流失的高頻頻率。treVolo 2支援aptX藍牙傳輸,透過雙連功能可用一對喇叭打造立體感受的Stereo Mode或音量倍增的派對模式。搭配treVolo 2專用實木托架,可減少桌面聲波反射以提升近場聆聽體驗,讓展翅飛翔的音樂直送耳際。

treVolo 2 is a Bluetooth speaker with Electrostatic Diaphragm Technology that permits high-end acoustics in a compact sized speaker. The bass woofer can increase 5 dB of acoustic pressure with the same wattage, allowing full-toned bass performance with perfect balance. Audio efficiency is increased by 34.5% compared to conventional speakers thanks to the pore design, while the surface contact area is decreased by 98.3% thanks to the vibration absorbing design. The unique wood mount lowers sound wave reflections on the table surface, bringing audio experience to life and sending the music directly to listeners’ ears.