X-Sign 商用顯示解決方案




  • 設計內容:提供風格多元的大量模板和易上手的編輯介面,串接商品資料庫快速生成同步更新的互動內容。
  • 排程發布:行事曆預先排定發布行程,透過Wi-Fi配對同步發布在同網域內的多個電子看板。
  • 維護管理:遠端操控並修復內容展示狀態,此外,可自動產生來客瀏覽統計圖表協助店家調整銷售策略。


X-Sign is a one-stop solution for retail businesses to design, schedule, and manage digital signage content so as to provide interactive experiences without complicated processes. Many different styles of templates and user-friendly editing interfaces are provided, and connect to the commodity database to efficiently create contents. Content distribution can be scheduled in advance and will simultaneously be published on displays via Wi-Fi. Displays can be remotely controlled and maintained. In addition, X-Sign can be set to automatically record and generate data of customers’ visits to helps stores to adjust selling strategies.