M8 Series 教育投影機



M8系列投影機專為中小型教室所設計,短焦鏡頭可在98公分距離投出80吋大畫面,投影機更靠近牆面的安裝,可避免投影光線對老師及學生的干擾,超過3000流明的亮度與WXGA解析度可提供清晰教材畫面,內建PointWrite技術與Qwrite 應用軟體,搭配專用投影筆,可讓投影畫面變成協作電子白板,支援多位使用者在螢幕上同時互動。內建數位微調投影畫面功能,即使在安裝後發現畫面有偏差,也不必費工調整機身,打開OSD操作即可完成。引入防塵效果比傳統紅外線感應強8倍以上的磁感應色輪,確保長期使用也不會因灰塵而減損畫面品質。為了減少吊裝時的壓迫感,刻意將短焦大鏡頭做外顯設計,讓機身在視覺上更為小巧,並在鏡頭下方採包覆手法強化保護性。避免尖銳線條的圓弧外型,搭配純淨的白色機身,讓M8系列投影機更能融入小朋友多的教室環境,特殊表面咬花不易沾黏指紋,可保持機身乾淨如新。

The M8 Series Projector Series is designed specifically for small to medium sized classrooms; its short-throw lens is capable of projecting an 80-inch image from 98 cm away, allowing the projector to be installed closer to the wall. This helps prevent teachers and students from being bothered by the projected light. Educational content can be delivered in crystal clear images with the M8’s 3,000 lumens of brightness and WXGA resolution. With the embedded PointWrite technology and Qwrite software, a projector pen can be used to convert the projected image into an interactive whiteboard usable by multiple users simultaneously. After installation, digital fine-tuning controls under OSD settings can be used to adjust the image position without moving the projector. With the magnetic induction color wheel, which is 8X more effective in anti-dust accumulation compared with traditional infrared sensors, image quality will not suffer with dust accumulation. In terms of design, the projector’s short-throw lens has been moved outside of the main body in order to make the unit appear visually compact; a lower cover is also provided for additional protection. With the projector’s smooth and clean look, combined with its pure white exterior, the unit can blend into the classroom environment with ease. The casing has a textured finish that is easy to maintain as well as fingerprint-resistant.