VZ70 series 螢幕



VZ70 series 特別設計了不對稱底座,空出螢幕下方的平台空間,讓使用者可布置自己喜愛的物品,盡情展現自我品味與珍藏。為了兼顧穩固性,VZ70 series 將支撐結構從角落延伸至螢幕後方,並經過多次工程測試,校正出最完美的傾斜角度與承重平衡點。線條純粹、形態俐落的外型,搭配可延伸畫面視野的極窄邊框,讓VZ70 series 可輕易地融入任何使用空間,在呈現生動畫面的同時,也展現使用者的品味喜好。
The VZ70 Series is designed with a unique asymmetrical stand. The empty space underneath the monitor allows for the display of user’s favorite items. For maximum stability, the VZ70 Series extend its supporting structure from the corner to the back of the monitor. After numerous engineering tests, the end result is a perfectly balanced stand fixed at an optimal tilt angle. With its elegant lines and sharp design, along with an ultra-narrow bezel for wide viewing angles, the VZ70 series can easily blend in with any surrounding. Besides providing a vivid picture quality, the VZ70 series will also showcase user’s sense of style.