XR Series 曲面螢幕



XR-series是市面上唯一結合144Hz高刷新率、21:9超寬比例VA面板及2000R大曲率的35吋曲面電競顯示器,特別針對享受高畫質及喜歡沉浸遊戲體驗的玩家所設計,配備4ms高反應速率面板,讓畫面順暢不延遲,色彩顯示數量達16.7M(RGB 8bits),讓畫面更加生動鮮豔。在追求極致視覺體驗的同時,也以低藍光及不閃屏的顯示技術來照護使用者的視力。外型設計風格延續BenQ電競螢幕系列的俐落造型與紅黑配色,簡約大器的支架與底座,襯托具有張力的曲面螢幕,呈現出大曲面電競螢幕的王者風範。
The XR series is the only commercially available 35-inch curved gaming display with a 144Hz refresh rate, 21:9 ultra-wide VA panel, and 2000R curvature made for enjoying HD and an immersive gaming experience. The display has a 4ms highly responsive panel for delay-free pictures and 16. 7M (8-bit RGB) colors for vivid pictures. We provide low blue light and flicker-free display technology to protect users’ eyes. The appearance extends from the BenQ gaming monitor series to compliment the curved screen and display the grandeur of the large, curved gaming monitor.