GW70 Series 螢幕



GW70 series是針對習慣享受高畫質及熱愛專業品味的使用族群所設計的24吋液晶螢幕。窄邊霧面的極簡前框,加上有效減少光線反射的髮絲紋底座,讓使用者能專注顯示區,不受干擾,搭配視角寬廣的VA面板,讓每個角度都呈現絕佳色彩。GW70 series增設護眼低藍光快捷鍵,並提供兩組HDMI接頭,搭配切換訊源的快捷鍵,讓使用者可因應使用情境快速調整,簡化設定步驟。在外型設計上,GW70 series也呼應極簡的核心精神,兼顧穩定性及最小面積的T型底座,搭配向後延伸的頸部,為使用者釋放更多螢幕下方的置物空間,並透過快拆結構來減少包材空間,也讓使用者在組裝時更為便利。
GW70 series is a monitor tailored to deliver HD quality and sophistication. The slim, matte minimalist frame and glare-reducing hairline base help users to focus on the screen. Its wide VA panel shows great color at all angles. The low blue light hotkeys and two HDMI ports with signal switch hotkeys are benefit for quick mode switches and easy setup. GW70 series echoes the core spirit of minimalism, achieves stability with a T-shaped base takes up minimal space, and is equipped with necks extend back for more space underneath. The quick release structure reduces packaging for easy assembly.