WiT 護眼智慧檯燈



WiT是全球首盞針對螢幕閱讀設計的LED檯燈,照明廣度90公分,為一般檯燈的1.5倍,可均勻照亮桌面上的螢幕、鍵盤、滑鼠、文件等物品,內建光感應器自動偵測環境光源並調整最適亮度,平衡螢幕發出的光源太亮而背景環境太暗所產生的刺眼眩光,讓眼睛更為舒適。燈頭上方的飛梭旋鈕可調整亮度與色溫,搭配兩截式燈臂與可任意調整角度的燈頭,使用者可隨意打造最適合的閱讀光源,特殊散熱設計則可讓燈源壽命長達4萬小時以上。長觸環形觸控開關可啟動智慧模式,自動偵測環境光源來調整最適照明,並可記憶前次光源設定。BenQ WiT的造型靈感來自「新月」,燈頭弧度優雅如一彎弦月,LED光澤溫潤如皎潔月光。沈穩堅固的燈體透過一枚金屬環連結起彎曲燈頭,燈臂能自由延展,增添輕盈律動感。

WiT e-Reading Lamp is the world’s first LED lamp designed for reading on screens. It lights up an expansive 90cm range, 150% wider than typical lamps on the market, as well as achieve the illuminance of 500 lux even at the corner of the desk. With the wider illumination, WiT is capable of distributing light evenly over the screens, keyboard, mouse, and documents on your desk. The built-in light sensor automatically detects ambient light sources and adjusts accordingly to provide the optimal brightness setting, thereby balancing out unwanted glare caused by the bright lights from the screens in a dark surrounding for making eyes feeling more comfortable. The knob at the top of the light can be used to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp. The lamp’s two-section arm allows you to adjust the light to a desired angle. These features allow the user to create the optimal reading light. The lamp’s unique cooling design can extend the life of the light source to over 40,000 hours. The ring-shaped touch controller allows the user to active smart mode, which can automatically detect ambient light in order to make adjustments and create the most suitable lighting conditions, as well as remember previous light settings. The design of WiT was inspired by the “new moon”. The curved portion of the lamp is as elegant as a crescent moon, and the LED light is as gentle as moonlight. The strong and sturdy lamp body connects to the lamp head via a metal ring connector. The arm of the lamp is able to extend freely, making it exceptionally flexible and creating a sense of rhythm.