SW 系列螢幕


  • Red Dot Award:Product Design 2015


SW系列是針對專業用戶量身定制的IPS專業顯示器。提供精確的99% AdobeRGB色彩表現、更高的QHD解析度、貼心的人體工學設計,滿足Photographer在Color accuracy和Precise details的應用所需。


在底座上的智慧快捷控制器,能將原設置於螢幕上的調校功能作為獨立快捷鍵,因應不同的使用情境可更方便的切換sRGB設定、黑白設定(editing Photo) 與低藍光值等。

BenQ SW series monitor is a professional IPS display tailor-made for professional users. Providing accurate color with 99% AdobeRGB performance, high QHD resolution, and a thoughtful ergonomic design, this monitor satisfies a photographer’s needs for color accuracy and precise details.

The SW series has “ergonomic precision markers” for quick setup of an ergonomic usage environment. HAS leans the monitor forward to bring its center of gravity forward, effectively minimizing its base to create a professional feel while giving the user more space. HAS offers an extensive range of functions that allow the user to precisely adjust height, pivot, vertical rotation and tilt. With the precision markers to remember the setting, HAS can quickly create an ideal environment.

The OSD Controller located on the base provides independent shortcuts for instant viewing adjustment, allowing convenient switching between sRGB and black-and-white settings for editing photos, and providing access to a low blue light mode.