Infinito 吊燈



The Infinito is an LED suspension lamp which serves both as luminous and atmospheric lighting function. Inspired by the symbol of infinity the Infinito is segregated for different functionality through an elegant and simple twist; the big loop delivers warm white light for reading, while the other splendid neon allows you to create your own atmosphere freely. Embedded with sensors, the infinito can detect the movement of hands to adjust brightness and color of light in a variety of ways. Set the mind through colors and dim the light as you desired; there is no limit to your imagination.

Good Design Awards 2014評語

Inspired by the mathematic symbol “∞”, Inifinito light employs a three dimensional frame twisted in the pattern of “∞”. Thanks to the natural twisted division following “∞”, the light on one side of the frame is white to assist pleasant reading and is ambient on the other side to arouse surging creativity. When touching the sensor at the twisted turn on the lamp’s body, you may easily adjust the illuminating or ambient light brightness or switch in between or incorporate the two illuminating modes to please environment and mood as well as interpret infinity symbolized by “∞”. Its infinitive illuminating modes earns it a place in restaurants, bars and other commercial spots as well as accompanies a family on the table. Illuminating direction and expression as well as sensor at twisted turns accommodated proportionally with “∞” patterned frame builds itself as a perfect matchmaker of a modeling and mechanical marriage.