Hatha 桌燈



The Hatha light is an LED table lamp that bends like a human body. Inspired by Hatha Yoga, it is formed with a zinc alloy metal base and bendable rubber lamp body, which makes it highly flexible. The lamp allows users to adjust freely at different angles and height to meet the user’s need. Adopted with high power LEDs and lens design, the Hatha light delivers sufficient brightness for reading purposes and reaches high light efficiency. The Hatha light represents a balance of strength and beauty, the table lamp that lights up your inner life as well.

Good Design Awards 2014評語

An interesting and useful zinc alloy LED lamp with a pliable plastic lamp body satisfies different lighting demands via adjustable angle and height. It is bright enough to assist reading with a high-power LED and lens. Absorbing the oriental essence from Hatha yoga, the lamp translates body-twisting flexibility into product design to elaborate power and beauty!