EnergyOptimizer 介面



EnergyOptimizer is a power management interface of a residential battery bank that connects switchboard to its solar panels. Since most users aren’t familiar with using electronic management applications, our objective is to simplify complex information such as: remaining battery, power source proportions, off-peak time settings etc. These data are transformed into information graphics for an easy overview of energy supply so that users can change settings easily. Its simple and clever design helps users to have a better control of their own consumption, the amount of green energy produced, and to better understand energy cost and savings.


What sets the Energy Optimizer apart from other common residential battery banks is not only the beautiful hardware design but also the design with the philosophy aimed at increasing users’ interest in energy management and enabling a deeper understanding through the visible GUI which contains all the attentions to the details of the various functions. We can see the idea that complicated information at the time of energy supply is precisely visualized, and users can then understand how to better control energy consumption and other production systems to participate, which will result in contributing to the improvement of a prosperous future. This is a good example of design creating a “feeling” with consideration of the earth and its people.