MX850UST 教育超短焦投影機



BenQ MX850UST 的主要設計概念在於融入教育環境的隱性設計,因設定於吊掛於天花板使用,所以機身設計以融入環境的白色為主,並以簡潔的設計手法,營造安全耐用的感觀,此外 BenQ 獨家非球面鏡頭投影設計,能使影像表現更清晰、更銳利、更穩定對焦精準的文字投影,提供優異的文字辨讀品質。

BenQ MX 850 is an ultra-short throw projector designed for educational purposes. Its short throw distance makes it the perfect fit for small to medium-sized classrooms. The projector can display an 81” widescreen image from within the distance of one meter. The BenQ exclusive aspheric lens is ideal for displaying high-definition content. On top of all this, MX 850 supports 3D images, providing students with a more realistic and exciting learning experience. The projector’s white color scheme allows it to blend into its surroundings when mounted on a white ceiling.