XL2420 是一台專家級遊戲專用液晶顯示器,設計過程與世界級電玩冠軍聯手開發,讓本產品擁有許多獨特且實用的創新功能,如 FPS 冠軍調校射擊模式、獨創自由切換螢幕顯示尺寸,讓不同時期的玩家都能找到熟悉的顯示尺寸,無需重新適應,三組讓玩家自定的 HOTKEY 能悠遊於亮暗場景,快速切換。XL2420 並支援 3D 視覺效果:在遊戲世界中更能身歷其境。於螢幕後方支撐桿可自由做單手滑動,高低設定直式呈現讓你使用上配合習慣與環境,讓專注力留給螢幕,休閒娛樂輕鬆簡單更方便。

The XL2420 is a monitor designed for professional gaming purposes. Co-developed with world gaming champions, the XL2420 is specifically geared toward the unique needs of gamers. The revolutionary OSD controller is equipped with a wheel and hotkeys, allowing users to quickly adjust brightness and screen ratio settings. The controller can also be integrated with the base on either side, and the screen height can be simply and freely adjusted to provide the best possible viewing angle. Moreover, the XL2420 incorporates a headphone hanger on the back, where gamers can conveniently store their headphones, which they usually wear when playing games.

GOOD Design AWARD 2011 評語

This design has a look which that is well suited to its target market in the gaming community. A really distinctive gaming monitor.