P1420 數位相機



BenQ DC P1420 針對喜愛實實在在、好用而不浮華的產品的人而設計,設計一款對追求經典與雋永風格的產品。透過 10 倍的光學變焦鏡頭拍攝可輕鬆拍攝無論遠近美景,手握區域突起增加握持性,讓使用者拍出張張經典的照片。


P1420 備有 10 倍的光學變焦可輕鬆拍攝遠景但厚度僅有 18.4mm。3 吋高解析度螢幕可清楚觀賞照片。可拍攝高達 1 千 4 百萬畫素的相片。新一代的影像晶片具有第三代高反差場景補償(HDR III)的技術,同時備有光學防手震(OIS)的功能,讓照片張張清晰動人。

BenQ DC P1420 is designed for consumers who have a liking for products with understated design and meanwhile look for classic and timeless style. With 10x optical zoom lens, shooting is easy for both distant and near views. Also, the grip part has been bulged to strengthen holding, which makes the shooting outcome more satisfying. The design concepts of BenQ DC P1420 are derived from classic aesthetics, detailed yet clear, to convey a sense of undertoneness and sharpness. Rubber texture is applied for the grip part. The lens area is decorated with spin lines, the golden ring symbolizes high efficiency.