GP1 Plus 迷你投影機



Joybee GP1+ 為高亮度、高解析度的迷你投影機,隨插即播的便利,只要將 USB 隨身碟連結 Joybee GP1+ ,即可播放電影、照片、或音樂錄影帶等多媒體內容,亦可使用內附的轉接線,接上電腦或 DVD 光碟機,最大可投影 80 吋畫面,內建 2W 喇叭,有聲有色的行動投影劇院,讓生活更有樂趣。Joybee GP1+適合需要四處移動簡報的行動業務或舞蹈老師,也適合攝影人士方便觀看剛拍好的作品,其備有可播放三小時影片的長效型電池,讓使用者可免於攜帶變壓器及尋找插座的限制。

BenQ Joybee GP1 Plus is a mini projector with high illumination and definition as well as an easy plug-in design. Users can activate many multimedia functions via USB device or transfer line. Its compact design and a battery lasting for five hours of movie-watching make BenQ Joybee GP1 Plus the perfect choice for people who need to do presentations anytime and anywhere, such as sales persons, photographers or dance teachers. The design concept was inspired by Tsung, a traditional Chinese utensil used in ceremonies; the circle and square shown on Tsung symbolize the fusion of sky and earth, which implies that the design is an elegant combination of ancient and modernity.