EW2430 螢幕



BenQ EW2430是針對注重影音品質之消費者所設計的24吋液晶螢幕。設計響應環保節能的新趨勢,底座及前框採用真實鋁金屬材質,並以精緻的金屬表面處理工藝,表現多樣的金屬材質之美,傳達真實而豐富的設計氛圍。整體線條大氣簡潔,沒有過多的裝飾,讓科技產品輕易的融入家居風格,黑色鏡面邊框與金屬電鍍質感支架,更進一步提升居家質感。

BenQ EW2430 is a 24” LCD monitor designed for consumers looking for high quality in audio visual entertainment. To echo the eco trend, raw materials such as aluminum are used for both base and the front frame design. To show off the beauty of the material, the surface is processed through delicate metal craft arts and therefore offers a tranquil atmosphere. The contour is clean and elegant, appropriate ornaments are added to make it easy to fit in the domestic surrounding and lifestyle. In addition, the black mirror surface matches with the metallic stand to uplift the quality of domestic living.