MP780 ST 教育短焦投影機



BenQ MP780 ST 主要針對教育市場設計,於中型教室中使用,具有 2500 流明的燈源與 WXGA 等級的解析度,於白天使用也相當清晰。短焦的鏡頭可在極短的距離投影出大畫面,且可避免在投影畫面中產生簡報者的影子。針對教育的用途增加電子白板(Point Draw)的功能,讓使用者透過內建的座標感測器,更直覺的在投影畫面中書寫與標示,產生有趣的互動式教學,增加教學的經驗且提高效率。

BenQ MP780 ST is designed for education market, aiming at classroom with medium size. With 2500 LM light and WXGA definition, the image is still clear even when used in daylight. The short-throw lens is able to project wide picture within a short distance to reduce the shadow of the presenter caused during presentation. For educational requirements, the function of Point Black has been added; through the built-in coordinate sensor, the writing and drawing can be projected more intuitively, bringing enjoyable interaction and increasing experiences and efficiency in teaching.

Good Design Award 2010 評語

The curves on the top surface and the ribbing on the side are well integrated, and taken together with the shiny finish, they create an attractive form. Viewed from the front, the overall shape and the position and processing of the lens provide a beautiful impression.