MP670 投影機



MP670 Projector無論是辦公商務簡報、教學輔助、家庭電影放映等,均能提供最佳影像,輕鬆分享空間中多媒體的絕佳顯示效果。

  1. 包覆造型的設計語彙,圓與方的相接交匯,在方體中透漏出圓潤的元素,極簡卻不銳利,呼應室內空間中簡約卻不生硬的裝潢擺設。
  2. 乾淨簡潔的切割線條,在黑晶透亮的鏡面黑上,劃分出金屬髮絲質感的區塊,平滑與肌理的互襯,表現出如同室內空間中大器卻蘊含細膩的裝飾。
  3. 畫一的散熱孔型態包覆環繞,透過斜向設計,減少露光的可能性。

BenQ MP670 is designed for multi-purposes. No matter where to use, office, classroom or home theatre, it is able to offer image with best quality; a good example to demonstrate entertaining effects for sharing. Three standpoints of design can be found here. First, with a simple contour, the combination of square and round design gives users a sense of mildness and comfort, matching with homely furniture and decoration. Second, the clean and clear cut line on the black mirror surface separates itself with the metallic part, so that the contrast between these two textures can be revealed perfectly. Finally, the projector is surrounded by tidy heat holes; with the oblique side design, the expose of light can be reduced greatly.

Good Design Award 2010 評語

This simple design, with air hole slits in a square box that combined straight lines and curves, leaves a favorable impression. The glossy finish provides an air of quality, and the different finish of the operating panel shows consideration for the users in that it employs materials that are resistant to fingerprints and skin oils.