V2200 TW 液晶螢幕電視



在地球氣候異常跟能源危機意識年年提升的情況下,現代人對於生活中的一切更重視環保與節能,BenQ V2200TW 係針對這股愛地球的環保風氣與趨勢之下所設計的 22 吋寬液晶螢幕電視,在設計上採用超薄的 LED 省電型面板呼應環保與節能,外型設計上以曲面木片積層工法形成呈簡潔家居風格,整機外殼皆採用回收塑料,節省二氧化碳排放,底座以金屬邊框採轉折延伸成可調整式支撐架呈現出現代家具的設計風格,產品包材體積上也比已往更節省,外箱也採用環保材料並減少印刷的應用。

Owing to global climatic variations and the rising of the cognition in energy crisis, modern people pay more attention to eco issues and energy-saving. BenQ V2200TW is a 22” wide screen LED TV monitor designed under this earth-loving trend. The LED electricity-saving monitor echoes with ‘eco’ and thus its shape has been made into simple design with curvy wood layers for domestic decoration. The material used in shell is recyclable plastic, reducing the discharge of CO2, and the prints on packaging have also been widely lowered to fulfill environment-friendly acts.