e-MOVIE 數位電影播放器



BenQ e-MOVIE 是可隨身播放數位電影的輕巧播放器,隨時隨地都可於掌中享受感動的劇情與動人的 MV 情節。專為龐大的數位電影下載市場設計的 e-MOVIE,強調輕巧好攜帶,享受電影隨手可及。簡約俐落的方圓型態,溫潤舒適;黑白色調的搭配,簡潔洗鍊,襯托影片的炫麗與聲光,又不失純粹的基調與協調。背蓋的圓弧設計增加使用者在握持時的手感,強調簡易的操作情境,舒適的使用型態。可將付費下載完影片的 SD 卡直接插入 e-MOVIE,就能輕鬆播放影片。側邊附有耳機孔與 TV-OUT 插槽,無論是私密享受還是大方分享,輕易的接上耳機或轉接到 TV 上,簡易直覺。

BenQ e-movie is a portable digital player, which offers users great mobility and convenience in movie-watching. E-movie is designed for market that has high request for movie downloading; it’s light and easy-carry, enjoying movie becomes more accessible. With a simple contour, the combination of square and round design gives users a sense of mildness and comfort. With the collocation of black and white, the acoustic and visual effects are performed perfectly. The curve design of the back lid increases comfortable holding for users, emphasizing easy manipulation. Just enter a SD card into e-movie, and then movie enjoying and sharing can be completed with one simple step only.