U121 Eco 筆記型電腦



BenQ U121 Eco 是針對行動型商務的族群所設計的 11.6 吋筆記型電腦,主要設定為使用者的第二台電腦並強調行動上網的便利性。外觀上以輕薄為主,超薄型的 LCD 面板,整體重量只有 1.25 公斤;搭配 Quick charge 功能讓使用者可快速充電,1 小時的充電即可達到約 80% 的電量。11.6吋 16:9 的顯示螢幕,讓畫面更加寬廣,全尺寸的鍵盤讓使用時間較長的商務人士,操作更加舒適。U121 Eco 在設計上也強調環保節能,除了使用可回收性的塑料,通過 EPEAT 的認證外,搭配更省電的 LED 背光面版、節能的CUP,使電池的效能更加延伸。無風扇的設計讓噪音降至 26 分貝以下,解決使用者對聲音的不適感。

BenQ U121 Eco is a 11.6″ laptop designed for business users that has high mobility request. It has been positioned as users’ second laptop which offers convenient access to Internet. Equipped with quick charging function, it is able to reach 80% power in just one hour. It’s slim and light, weighs only 1.25 kg. Full size key pad also provides users who have long working time with comfortable use. Parts of this product are made of recycled materials to emphasize eco issue and energy saving; it has also been awarded an EPEAT certificate, which demonstrates its devotion in eco issue.